My research is motivated by concrete policy challenges that are addressed finding new ways to gain additional evidence and interact with a diverse group of stakeholders. Through my professional engagements I seek to bridge research and policy making, fostering a direct feedback channel as measured by impact. I have consulted the EU and Foreign Ministries (Sweden, Switzerland) on issues of security and socio-economic development in low-income countries.

Security and Development in Mali

I designed an indicator framework based on quarterly data collections to monitor and report on the security and development situation in Central Mali, 2018-2022. The survey and implementation was conducted together with a team at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and local partners in Mali. It was the first project to follow the situation on the ground regularly over the course of several years, allowing to gain invaluable insights on local dynamics. Funded by the EU Trust Fund Africa.

Technical reports

The Challenges of Governance, Development and Security in the Central Regions of Mali, with Mamadou Bodian and Aurélien Tobie (SIPRI Insights on Peace and Security, March 2020)

Mali holds presidential elections: Polls to the people, power to the incumbents, with Grégory Chauzal and Zoe Gorman (SIPRI Commentary, July 2018)