This page contains papers by research category. Working paper versions are available for some papers, the others are work in progress.

Environment and Energy

Gone with the wind: the welfare effect of desert locust outbreaks, with Stefano Tripodi (SSRN Working Paper No. 3989095, Sep. 2022), [Working Paper]

Energy infrastructure investment in Africa, with Chenyan Lyu and Stefano Tripodi

The costs and benefits of peace

War and Peace: Measuring conflict dynamics in the presence of peace accords in Africa, [Working Paper]

The Effect of Peace on Economic Development, with Alex Armand and Galina Vysotskaya, [Working Paper coming soon]

Financial Markets and Development

Financial deepening and the informal economy: Evidence from local credit cycles in India, with Gabriel Züllig, [Working Paper coming soon]

Policy reports

The Challenges of Governance, Development and Security in the Central Regions of Mali, with Mamadou Bodian and Aurélien Tobie, (SIPRI Insights on Peace and Security, March 2020)

Mali holds presidential elections: Polls to the people, power to the incumbents, with Grégory Chauzal and Zoe Gorman, (SIPRI Commentary, July 2018)